Practice & Drills in Teaching: Advantages & Disadvantages

Drilling and practice is an effective way for students to learn. Drills is the the repetitive practice of different skills. To illustrate, a drill in language can involve having students write a list of words as well as equations repeatedly or using flashcards. Teachers will use drilling as a way to help students solidify newly realized skills. On the other hand, if they rely on drills heavily, students may perhaps only be learning things so that you can get to the next step and not gaining a full understanding of the fabric. Practice teaching occupies integral position in the programme of teacher education. It is actually a culminating experience in teacher preparation. It provides occasion where you can beginning teachers to come to be socialized into the profession (Furlong, 1988). Performance during practice teaching assures some basis for predicting the upcoming success of the teacher. Outgoing popularity and centrality of practice teaching is an essential contributing factor towards the quality of teacher education programme. During practice teaching working together with students in schools provides an elevated degree of emotional involvement of a mostly positive nature. Student teachers feel their selves grow through encounter and they begin to link to a culture of teaching. During practice teaching, they feel engaged, challenged and even empowered (Trowbridge and Bybee, 1994; sharafuddin, and Allison, 1969).

Practice and drills give students a good chance to learn certain concepts instantly and effectively. Teaching students by way of various methods for instance flashcards or repetitive rewriting can help them use these kind of skills in different environments and many different ways. Teaching it in different techniques can accommodate students who have various mastering styles. For example, some students who learn visually may benefit from rewriting a misspelled word in order to maintain the correct spelling. Working with various drills for various trying to learn styles can help students integrate various methods for remembering skills. Practice teaching is the name of the preparing of student teachers for teaching by practical training. It is the practical use of teaching methods, teaching strategies, teaching principles, teaching techniques and practical training and practice / exercise of different activities of daily school life.


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