The Online Substitute Teacher

Substitute teaching can be a rewarding profession for people looking to make a difference in children’s lives and to leave a positive impact in their communities.  It is also a job that allows someone a flexible work schedule and the ability to work just about as much or as little as they want to.

If your goal is to substitute teach in elementary and/or secondary schools, this course is designed for you. Take advantage of this innovative e-learning course to effectively support the students in your classroom. This training is an affordable way for participants to gain or improve their substitute teaching skills.

In Wisconsin there are two different kinds of substitute teacher certifications available to qualified individuals. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) offers both a five-year substitute license and a three-year short-term substitute permit. Substitute teaching can be a challenging, yet highly rewarding job.

Although it takes a lot of enthusiasm and hard work, you can build a set of skills that will help you become an expert substitute teacher. If you’re looking for job flexibility, days full of fun and variety, and enjoy investing in students—then substitute teaching may be for you! School districts will often require trainings, orientation sessions, and tests to ensure that prospective substitute teachers are ready for the classroom.

Getting your substitute teachers and paraprofessionals ready to serve as quality instructors is crucial. Our courses and programs will ensure that they are both prepared and professional when they begin work with you.Also, keeping in mind that you may be asked to pay for background checkouts, medical tests, or training materials out of your own pocket. Although each district may have specific requirements, we will walk you through the most common requirements for substitute teachers.


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